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Mitsubishi Electric screens deliver peak performance at Audi Alpine FIS Ski World Cup

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Mitsubishi Electric screens deliver peak performance at Audi Alpine FIS Ski World Cup

Sub-zero temperatures, treacherous icy roads and remote mountainous venues are all in a days work for Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Vision screens as they provide the big-screen action for this year's Audi Alpine FIS Ski World Cup tour currently progressing across Europe.

Commencing in November last year, the competition visits 32 resorts across Europe, Canada and the USA before reaching its climax this month at Bormio, Italy. Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision provides LED screens for all the European Audi Alpine World Cup events, following the tour as it wends its way from Norway, through northern, central and southern Europe before reaching the Alpine ski resort of Bormio. This is the eighth consecutive year that Diamond Vision has provided LED screens for Audi Ski World Cup organisers, the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS).

Due to its very nature, just getting access to each race venue provides a major logistical challenge, as Diamond Vision Operations Manager Steve Wood relates; "We operate truck-mounted mobile 44 m² LED screens for most of the venues, but access for the 40' articulated units is sometimes a little tricky on icy mountain roads. Frequently the mobile rigs need to be towed into position. However even that's not an option in several of the venues. In these cases, we use modular screens of between 30m² and 70m², flown into position by helicopter."

Once in position, the screens are expected to operate reliably under extremely harsh conditions. Temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celcius, ice storms and blizzards are not unusual, providing a stiff test of the Mitsubishi screen's reliability and endurance. Steve Wood comments, "In the last eight years we have experienced some really severe weather conditions, but the Mitsubishi screens have proved themselves to be very reliable and resilient. To date we've had no significant failures and have always had our screens operational for every race day, regardless of conditions."

While the crews generally work on two-week rotations, most of the hardware stays on the road for the whole duration of the tour. "Reliability is obviously important for us as we have limited opportunities for running repairs," says Steve. "The build quality of the Mitsubishi screens is a major factor in our being able to operate effectively in such harsh conditions over a period of months."

Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Vision screen system is operated by most of Europe's top screen hire companies, where its reputation for rugged reliability and excellent image quality has made it one of the most widely used screen systems in the world. Available in mobile, modular and fixed installation versions, and in a variety of pitches from 3 mm to 25 mm, it is also one of the most versatile.

For more information on the Diamond Vision system, visit http://www.mitsubishidisplayengineering.com/

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